Andrew Ezekial Crawley

A practical archeologist who is a master of many tongues.


Andrew was born to a well to do family that fell on hard times with the Stock Market Crash. His family paid for his Bachelor and Masters degrees before the Crash, but he had to work hard to complete his Doctorate in History. This included working on digs on three different continents, where he learned some about the shadier side of archeology – bribing officials, working bureaucracies to get funding or permissions, and where stolen artifacts can be purchased.

On the positive side, he learned to ride, shoot, drive, survive in jungles and deserts, and how not to get lost. He has excellent references from the professors he has worked for and with over the last several years and is particularly valued for his linguistic skills. Were it not for the Great Depression, Andrew could get a professor slot at several notable universities. As it is, he has been working odd jobs at the University in Boston.

When the invitation to join the Adventure Earth Company arrived, he decided to join for several reasons: access to Colonel Yarborough’s library (rumored to be extensive on odd topics), a chance to travel to archeological sites again (along with wealthy individuals who might agree to fund later expeditions), and some sort of steady income from a stake in the company. Finally, Andrew was intrigued by the fact that the Colonel’s company shares the same initials as himself: AEC.

Over the last few years working for the Adventure Earth Company, Andrew has learned that the Colonel seems to be up to more than he lets others believe. As a result, Andrew has started taking steps to record the work he does in the Colonel’s service and send it to his childhood friend, Elijah Snow, head of the Planetary Society.

This past Spring (1933), Andrew met and fell in love with Tsai Su, a woman from Shanghai who is an expert in Chinese history and an employee of Elijah Snow. They met while Andrew was working as an expert for Elijah (during some downtime from the Adventure Earth Company). They both love each other very much, but have yet to work out a good way to tell their respective families about the other. (See the Codex of the Lost Legion for more details.)

Andrew Ezekial Crawley

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