Greetings and Welcome,

Recently, your skills have come to my attention as superb examples in your field. Consequently, I am pleased to announce that you have been selected as a candidate for World Adventure Company’s employment files. I sincerely hope that you will honor the Company with your expertise from time to time as it comes into demand. In return, for each endeavor you undertake with us, I will personally see that you and your team are well-equipped and handsomely compensated.

Company benefits include access to my extensive personal library and laboratories, a stake in the Company, fully-funded adventure tours as a leading team member, and health services for job-related injuries and ailments.

Please peruse the included materials detailing the goals of the Company and the specifications of employment. If you choose to come aboard as an associate of the Company, please join us at the New York office on November 13.

Sincerely Yours,

Colonel Spencer Percy Yarborough

The Basics

This is a campaign starting in November of 1932. The players find themselves invited to work for the Adventure Earth Company, a company whose specialty is providing adventure travel to those who can afford it. The company’s advertisements claim: “Fantastic Vacations for Distinguished Individuals.” The company is headquartered in New York City, New York, USA. Testimonials by well-to-do and influential clients seem to confirm this. On the employment end, the Adventure Earth Company has a reputation for hiring the most experienced guides, experts, linguists, and security, hand-picked by Col. Yarborough himself, in order to assure all adventure–vacations provide rewarding experiences in luxury, style, and safety for the clients. The pay is considerable, especially for the Great Depression. The President and founder of the company is Colonel Spencer Percy Yarborough, “a Captain of Industry, a Veteran of the Great War, a Collector of Wonders, and Adventurer Extraordinaire,” as his press releases state. The AEC advertising states that “the Colonel’s only dream is to share his passions with the world and to encourage the Explorer’s Spirit in like-minded gentlemen,” but very little is publicly available about him.

Adventure Earth Company

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