Adventure Earth Company

The Mountain Kings - Dramatis Personae


Main Characters

Andrew Ezekial Crawley – red hair, blue eyes, average height, Andrew is a graduate student who is just shy of his Ph.D. due to the Great Crash and the loss of his family’s fortune. Despite this, he has worked on many archaeological digs over the past three years and has more field experience than several of the professors he works odd jobs for.

Jack Thompson – tall, short blonde hair, safari clothes and boots, Jack is a Big Game Hunter and ex-French Foreign Legionnaire. He excels at tracking and his quarry rarely escapes, man or beast.

Kurt Morison – brown hair, tall and lanky, Kurt is the quintessential cowboy, from his beat up hat all the way down to his well worn pair of boots. He is quick with a gun and able to ride any beast that can support his weight.

Sam Haine – a young stage magician with a bit of the real thing up his sleeve.

Supporting Cast

Colonel Yarborough – Owner of the Adventure Earth Company, the Colonel is apparently well-connected and has extensive resources at his command. His company provides safaris and excursions to exotic parts of the globe for the wealthy, usually with a twist or a side-job for his employees. He is rarely seen by the employees of his company, usually only on their first day with the company.

Amanda Decker – A young, shapely, blonde woman, she is Colonel Yarborough’s personal assistant, and employee’s main point of contact. She also introduces the clients to the team that will be arranging whatever excursion the client is paying for.

Pamela – Secretary at the New York Office of Adventure Earth Company

The Chrysler Building – location of the New York Office of Adventure Earth Company

The Client

None – sort of. You’ll see.



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